About Us

diamond overseas services pvt. ltd.

Our Company Commitment

We are committed to preserving the greatest standards of morality and social responsibility here at Diamond Abroad. As a result, we adhere to all of the Responsible Business Alliance’s (RBA) rules and regulations. The RBA is a pioneering international organization that promotes and enhances CSR throughout the global supply chain. Along with adhering to these rules, we are dedicated to giving our employees cost-free access to fair overseas job options. Therefore, there are no fees associated with hiring, travelling, or any connected expenses. We are delighted to provide our employees with this perk since we firmly think that everyone should be able to work overseas without facing any financial hardship.

diamond overseas services pvt. ltd.


Being a dependable HR recruitment partner will enable us to offer both our clients and applicants top-notch, cutting-edge services. We support skill placement that maximizes results while maintaining a competitive pricing point. In order to do this, we are committed to hiring qualified personnel after careful conversation with our clients.

diamond overseas services pvt. ltd.


Diamond Overseas Services envisions being successful in taking the shape of a leading manpower recruiting agency worldwide. We aim to deliver highly competent and motivated personnel to overseas employers. We are determined to further expand the company’s operation to reach a wider audience and build strong ties with our clients and candidates.

diamond overseas services pvt. ltd.


Diamond Overseas Services is determined to recruit the best human resources for overseas employers. The main objective company is to legally provide employment opportunities for the professional, skilled, semi-skilled or unskilled workforce, overseas employers.

The objectives of Diamond Overseas Services are to Prepare candidates to meet every requirement of the employer and deliver the right kind of people to the right job. Build up healthy and trustworthy relationships between clients, candidates and agencies.

Improve economically status of the people of Nepal and contribute to the overall development of the country through foreign employers.